Meaningful engagement is the key to achieving Bill C-226’s goal of ending environmental racism in Canada | The Conversation

As the Canadian social scientist Ingrid Waldron reminds us, dismantling environmental racism and allowing environmental justice to flourish is a critical matter of public policy that affects all Canadians.

How to engage young people on climate change? Try screening a doc on environmental racism, says prof | CBC News

Young people will need to be persistent if they want to make change in the world. That’s the message McMaster University professor Ingrid Waldron hopes students receive as they hear from three women on Thursday who have been leading fights against industrial impacts on Black and Indigenous communities in Nova Scotia.

Environmental justice in Canada needs legislative backing now – The Hill Times

Environmental racism happens when development, policies or practices lead to more pollution or heightened health hazards in Indigenous or racialized communities, and unequal access to clean water and air, or proximity to green spaces.

Honoring Indigenous Perspectives on Climate-Resilient Health Care | Institute for Natural Medicine

Indigenous perspectives and knowledge aim to safeguard planetary health and build climate-resilient healthcare systems.

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‘She’s out here trailblazing’: these 10 Black environmentalists are building community. Black Canadian scientists, researchers and environmental advocates discuss the importance of mentors, protégés and friends in their fields.

How “There’s Something in the Water” catalyzed change in Canada (Harvard Public Health)

A Harvard Public Health article about tackling environmental racism in Canada. A conversation with the filmmaker and author behind the documentary “There’s Something in the Water”.