Exploring Intersections: Gentrification, Environmental Racism and Systemic Injustice in Black Communities (Event Recording)

A recorded version of CCECJ’s event: “Exploring Intersections: Gentrification, Environmental Racism, and Systemic Injustice in Black Communities”. Thank you to our speakers and all who attended this impactful event!

Bill C-226 Passes Second Reading Vote in the Senate, Advances to the Energy Committee For Review

Bill C-226 passed the second reading vote in the Senate on October 26th, 2023. The bill now advances to the Energy committee for further review.

How “There’s Something in the Water” catalyzed change in Canada (Harvard Public Health)

A Harvard Public Health article about tackling environmental racism in Canada. A conversation with the filmmaker and author behind the documentary “There’s Something in the Water”.

Environmental Racism Comes to Light With Proposed Bill C-226

Dr. Ingrid Waldron speaks to the Pointer about environmental racism coming to light with proposed Bill C-226; while new law enshrines environmental justice in Canada.

Dr. Ingrid Waldron on Environmental Racism

Dr. Ingrid Waldron speaks with Canadian Geographic about representation for women and racialized communities.